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Mrs. Miller

About Mrs. Miller

Favorite color: Green

Favorite place: Hawaii

Favorite band/music artist: Led Zeppelin and Ludacris

One thing you can't live without: Penny Lane the sweet pup (follow her on Instagram @pennylanethesweetpup)

Favorite kind of article to write: I don't write them, I edit them.

Why do you write for the paper? N/A

Why do you think it is important that people read the paper? It is important to support our students here in Cedar Grove and the time and effort it takes to create the newspaper. It also showcases a variety of student skills from writing to graphic design to leadership. Finally, staying up to date on important school events, current issues, and entertainment fads is fun and engaging--you always should want to stay informed.

Mrs. Miller, Chief Advisor

"Where panther pride meets publication"
Mrs. Miller