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Amanda Martino

About Amanda

Favorite color: Green

Favorite place: The Adirondacks

Favorite band/music artist: Nirvana or Alice in Chains

One thing you can't live without: Life without music or cats would kinda suck; family and friends are important too.

Favorite kind of article to write: Opinion

Why do you write for the paper? My love of writing is what initially prompted my interest in writing for the paper. I've learned to also love the research, editing, and socialization that Journalism entails.  Being able to voice my opinion on certain issues and write about topics I think are important while also embracing those other elements is what makes it so enjoyable to me.  Also, because of Brianna Weling- hi Bri, love you

Why do you think it is important that people read the paper? One thing I'm sure anyone apart of this paper, or any other paper, can tell you, is how much work goes into even a single issue of a newspaper.  From the interviews to the layout, to enduring multiple critiques from several people on an individual article, the work is tedious, and we do it all for the students at CGHS.  So not only is it a matter of how students should be reading "The Pride" merely because it is their school newspaper and possibly contains things that interest them but also because of the work that is put into it make it what it is. 

Amanda Martino, Senior editor/reporter

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"Where panther pride meets publication"
Amanda Martino