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About Dylan

Favorite color: black

Favorite place: Washington D.C.

Favorite band/music artist: Blink-182/Kanye West

One thing you can't live without: bagels

Favorite kind of article to write: Entertainment

Why do you write for the paper? To get news to people while still providing them entertaining reading, and because I love the teamwork associated with putting all this writing and photography together in one whole cohesive, creative form. It is one of the purest, best things in the world.

Why do you think it is important that people read the paper? It is important for people to be engaged in their community, in this case the students of CGHS. Not only does it allow students of all ages to be informed and participate in the High School's events, it also gives a voice to students who want to have their writing seen and their hard work recognized. And it truly is all to the benefit of the reader, so the more readers the better!

Dylan Giacobbe, Editor in chief

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"Where panther pride meets publication"
Dylan Giacobbe