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CG Flooding with tourism

Nicholas Market '43, Satire reporter

April 14, 2017

Disney World, the Bahamas, the Jersey Shore- are all fast fading travel trends. This upcoming summer, the small town of Cedar Grove, New Jersey will see an influx of tourism. Residents and outsiders alike have ditched their beach ...


No-Date Nate '19, Satire reporter

April 14, 2017

In need of a prom date? Don’t have any friends that’ll go with you? Socially awkward with no confidence to ask somebody, but don’t want to risk looking back on your miserable, mundane high school experience full of depre...

Paint drying is anything but!

Gatherer Ovart '10, Satire reporter

April 14, 2017

Where Panther Pride meets satire.


Juanna B. Dasame '17, Satire reporter

April 14, 2017

Here in Cedar Grove High School we have a vastly diverse student body of people from all different backgrounds and people all with different stories. We have many ways to express ourselves including clubs, sports, ripping phat clo...

Construction, obstruction, destruction

Connie Struction '18, Satire reporter

April 14, 2017

Due to popular demand, construction at CGHS is here to stay. Just when you thought it was wrapping up come this new year, construction is planned to continue another ten years, and everybody’s got something to say about it. When...

Organized chaos

Badger '18, Satire reporter

April 14, 2017

I’m angry. You’re angry. That person sitting next to you- they’re angry too. And you better believe that those happy people, yeah they’re just pretending to not be angry. We are all clearly very angry and we need to do so...

Staff struggles

The Paperboy '18, Editor in Chief

April 14, 2017

Let me start off first by offering my condolences to the friends and family of  “The (late) Pride” newspaper which tragically passed away last issue due to stage 3 apathy. “The Pride” was so brave, and the staff always ...

"Where panther pride meets publication"