Got more time?

Would sleeping for an extra hour in the morning help you stay more focused throughout the school day and with work? There are numerous factors as to why school starting later would be beneficial that surely many students and even faculty would agree on. Even though it is very unlikely that we could end up with school starting later in the day, we can still imagine about it.

If the school day were to start later, students and teachers would have more time to get ready and students would have time to get academic work done in the morning. For example, if a student had forgotten to do his or her homework they would have time to get it done in the morning and would not have to rush to do their homework right before class started. Students would also have time to study in the morning for a test that they have that day. Two out of three students interviewed had reported that they study for a test the night before and that if the school day were to start later they would have time in the morning to study for the test and remember things that they may have forgotten. With this would come higher test grades and overall grades.

Getting to school every morning can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 10, and that’s without traffic or construction. Most students of Cedar Grove High School say they wake up at around 6:30 in the morning, and take about a half hour to an hour to get ready. One hundred percent of students have stated that they fell asleep during class at least once due to the amount of sleep they had gotten the night before.  According to Leyla Yurt 20’, if school started later, students would be able to get more sleep in the morning before getting ready, and the extra time would allow them to have a better sleep.  This extra sleep would provide students with more energy, resulting in fewer students falling asleep during the class.

One conflict about school starting later would be leaving school later in the day. This would be an issue because many students have afterschool activities, like sports games and clubs. Most adolescents at Cedar Grove High School are involved in at least one club or sport that meets after school, so having the school day end later would cause issues in the amount of time students have after they get home from school. Even though this is a conflict, it is not a major one that overrides all the other proof school starting later.

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