Hunter Romanko '18 sporting a usual pose of his.

Dylan Giacobbe, Editor in Chief

Math is not always a subject that comes easily to people. With endless calculations, formulas, and rules, mathematics can be daunting even for those who enjoy the subject. However, there are some people who love the logical thinking that math requires and find its challenges to be an unsuspecting source of gratification.

This October’s Student of the Month, Hunter Romanko ‘18, embodies the problem- solving nature of mathematics and was recognized for his prowess in doing so.

Romanko has an impressive repertoire when it comes to the classes he’s taken on the subject, ranging from the basics of Geometry and Algebra all the way to the complexities of Calculus, Physics, and Statistics.

I caught up with Romanko to hear his thoughts on being honored as Student of the Month for October, who admitted that his surprise at receiving the title extended beyond hearing his name on the loudspeaker.

Romanko explains, “I was genuinely surprised — normally I’m more of an English or history student.” While he discusses that he is not always the strongest student in math, he says, “I am a very active participant in AP Calc and AP Stat, I’m always raising my hand when Mr. Sweeney or Mr. Coster have a question.”

Aside from excelling in math, Romanko also participates in various extracurriculars in the school and demonstrates his positive energy equally in each.  From Interact Club, to the theatre, to student council, the active student partakes in a little bit of everything.

In his being awarded October’s Student of the Month, Romanko shows that, as with any subject, math is about more than just writing proper formulas. It is about communication, participation, and asking questions, regardless of whether it is your best subject or not, to try to get a better understanding of what you are learning. And for that, Romanko was given this well-deserved recognition and a prime parking spot.