Return of the Fall Formal


One of the many posters advertising the fall formal Photo by Gina Grimes

On Wednesday, November 8 at 7:00 p.m., the gym here at CGHS will be flooded with students in pristine attire, or so the All School Council hopes. The ASC has planned their third school dance, with this year’s theme based off of Mardis Gras. Students can expect a DJ, some small snacks, pictures, and even a raffle.

In the past, the dances have had themes like masquerade and harvest, but last year in 2016 the ASC took a brief hiatus from their dance. Though the members of the ASC put up posters and made announcements, they are still concerned that students are not going to come out for the night. Mr. Mangili himself expressed concern, “It hasn’t been greatly attended in the past… [but] we’ll see what happens.”

Carina Matos ‘19 is what the ASC wants to see. “I’m excited to go because I didn’t go Freshman year or Sophomore year and now I’m a junior.” This excitement is what Mr. Mangili, the ASC, and many of the students hope for. However, even with the excitement from some students, there is still a large portion of the student body that does not want to go or is completely uninterested.

At the last dance in 2016, about a hundred students went, and there was a full photo booth, a DJ, and heartier food than just snacks. The ASC is optimistic that there will be more students this year, linking the dance to Lipsync, like they have done in previous years. However, to try and get more students to come, they are going to have a raffle for all Cedar Grove students. The winners from the raffle can look forward to gift cards from a whole slew of places.

With all the speculation and talk about the dance, there is a sense of optimism from the ASC that the dance will be a big success, but we have to wait a few more days to see how this goes. As Carina said, “Every school has one, so like we should have one that’s just as good.”