Say good-bye to just nail salons!

Tired of looking at just nail salons and banks in town? Well, a new committee is seeking to add some variety to downtown CG. The members of the Downtown Advisory Committee held their first town-hall meeting on September 14, discussing many new projects, including major roadwork on Pompton Ave. At the meeting, an expert from the New Jersey State Department came to give the town some advice on the downtown area.

The roadwork on Pompton Ave. is part of a wider “Road Calming” Initiative started to make the downtown area more walkable. The first step is to fix the plumbing and pipes underground, and then the road will be stripped, re-paved, and painted to make the road one lane on each side. The committee has defined the downtown borders starting at the trestle just before Foodtown and ending at Bradford Ave.   

The main concern of the committee is obviously bringing in more stores and restaurants, and they are actively reaching out to potential business-owners. The main concern for high schoolers was whether or not Cedar Grove would be getting chain-restaurants like Starbucks or Panera, and, though the committee tried to reach out to Starbucks, they did not want to put this kind of locations in town. However, the focus is to bring in local businesses in order to make Cedar Grove different from other towns. To find out the types of businesses that are wanted, the Committee sent out a survey, and the most popular results were for a Mexican or Italian restaurant, and even a steakhouse.  

In addition to bringing in business, they want to improve the overall look of the downtown area. One of their bigger projects is to paint the inside of the trestle just before Foodtown. They want the mural to show the “old” downtown on one side and the “new” downtown on the other.

If you would like to stay up-to-date with the committee, you can go to their website, their Facebook page DiscoverCG, their Instagram page discovercedargrove, or attend a meeting, which happens on the third Wednesday of every month. This initiative, according to councilman Robbie Vargo, is an “investment in our future, an investment in Cedar Grove’s future.”  

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