Kicking off the season right


The past year, construction required the CGHS football team to play at Panther Park, but now the new field is open and the team is ready to kick some rear on it.

By now construction is old news (literally) and we at “The Pride” are glad that we no longer need to write about it. The football team last year was unable to play any game on the high school field because of the prolonged and lengthy construction, which was disheartening to players and fans alike. This season the team is ecstatic to return to their home turf. Center Nick Marzullo ‘18 said, “Anytime stepping on the field with this team is special, but doing it on our real home field just enhances everything about the experience of having a home game,” and for a good reason. In any hero’s journey, they must leave the comfort of their home to get stronger and to rise to the occasion. The football team last year ventured to Panther Park to learn and grow, and now they are back to their old stomping grounds to prove themselves.

With the loss of some truly great players last year, such as Joe Rufo ‘17 and Marco Pantusa ‘17, it is hard to believe that the team could be in as good a position. However, the dedication the team put in during the preseason and midseason practices has proven very fruitful, and could indicate the team might be even better than last year. An early victory against Verona, an utter smash with a score of 28-7, gave the team and the filled bleachers with excitement. Still, the Verona Victory is the exception, not the standard. The team’s narrow defeats at the hands of Hanover Park and later Hoboken were both by a mere five points. The team shouldn’t be expecting to win without pouring a whole lot of sweat, blood, and tears into each game. As Marzullo ‘18 put it, “The most important thing for us is taking everything one game at a time and focusing on the task at hand to ensure we’re prepared for every challenge ahead of us.”

This thought the seniors have of hard earned success is not exclusive to the upperclassman. The underclassmen on varsity share a similar view. Freshman Dillon Jennings ‘21, starting defensive end said, “I think the team’s going to do really well in the season, I think we’re going to make it to the playoffs.” As of the writing of this article, the team has a positive record and is in a position to make it the playoffs in a good seed. Jennings continued, “I think it’s been the best season of my life so far, and I think the team could say the same.” Being a freshman with wide eyes and big expectations can keep the team with their head up while the more seasoned seniors can keep their feet on the ground. It is this kind of outlook, not overly pessimistic but not excessively confident, that wins playoffs. If what Jennings and Marzullo say is true, winning a match in the playoffs won’t just be a possibility, but a reality.