Dave and Busters


Gina Grimes

Taking over half of the old Willowbrook Mall Sears building, a Dave and Buster’s has been built in the old store. Many people have gone to the new location, and there are are a lot of mixed opinions about it. Some say that the opening it was a bad idea due to the fact that Willowbrook would become overpopulated, yet others say that the arcade and restaurant was a very good move and that the mall needed a new place for teens and young adults to hang out while being entertained.

Over spring break, many Cedar Grove High school students visited the new attraction and reported that they loved the experience. There is one common concern that many people are worried about and that is if you are under the age of eighteen you cannot get a walk in alone. High school student Brianna Candino 20’ reported that she “was able to get inside of the building with an adult over the age of eighteen” and that the adult accompanied them the rest of the night. Senior Brianna Weiling 18’ had also stated that she tried to get into Dave and Buster’s but was not allowed to due to the fact that she was not old enough.

After talking to members of the Dave and Buster’s staff about this, they claimed that “it is just part of procedure” and that “it was to keep everything under control” with all of the different things going on inside of the premise. Considering that there is a bar inside the complex, it is very important to keep everyone entering under control at all times. One major reason why Dave and Buster’s is very strict with their age rules is because they do not want to have anything illegal happening like underage drinking.

Even though many teens may think that this is unfair and that this should not be the rule, they may not know that this is the rule in all Dave and Buster’s establishments. Manager of the Willowbrook Dave and Busters said that these rules were made to keep everything going on in building illegal and safe at all times.