Best of the fest


Brianna Candino

The annual Best of the Fest is being held at Cedar Grove High School at 7 o’clock on May 11 in the Marie McGuire Auditorium. Last year’s outcome was satisfactory for the first year but this year they are hoping for a more enticing amount. Each year the Film Club looks to expand its program. The Film Club has doubled in size in the past two years, having thirty members this year, including people in the school and performers outside of the school.

Last year Cedar Grove had two films of their own in the program: Break a Leg and Rain. There also had been six films from the Garden State Film Festival. Improving from last year, the Film Club went down to Asbury Park to watch the films in the Garden Film Festival, along with presenting their own film, 47 Years. This year the Best of the Fest is featuring four Cedar Grove films, written and directed by Cedar Grove students, along with six from the Garden State Film Festival.

This year the club has many underclassmen who will help the club for the years coming. The seniors this year, like Julie Steckel ‘18, have helped to teach the younger students for when she graduates. Students such as Abby Warkentin ‘20 and Jillian Muszynski ‘20 have directed films that will be shown at the Best of the Fest. Julie Steckel ‘18 said that last year the seniors had taught her everything that she needed to know to take over the club and that she had tried her best to teach the underclassmen everything they need to know.

The films being shown by Cedar Grove students are 47 Years, which was shown at the Garden State Film Festival and directed by Abby Warkentin ‘20 and written by Julie Steckel ‘18, The Day the Wifi Died, which was directed by Julie Steckel ‘18 and has a story by Jake Brancato ‘20, Liminal, which was written by Rebecca Potters ‘19 and directed by Jillian Muszynski ’20, and This Horse Walks into a Mystery, directed by Julie Steckel ‘18 and written by Hunter Romanko ‘18.

To support the Cedar Grove High School Film Club please come to the Marie McGuire Auditorium on May 11th. Tickets for adults are ten dollars, students and senior citizens are seven dollars, and children are five dollars. You can purchase tickets at the door or at the link listed below.