Roll Tide Rolls Over Competition


Dylan Giacobbe

Team Roll Tide wins the second annual Orange Invitational Volleyball Tournament

Last Thursday night, Joseph Cardinale’s sports management class hosted their second annual Orange Invitational Volleyball Tournament. The event, managed by and serving as a final project for current sports management students, pits ten teams consisting of students and faculty members against each other in a tournament style bracket to determine who the true volleyball champions of CGHS are.


Increasing the scale from last year’s successful inaugural debut, Thursday’s event provided more than just intense action on the court. With pizza provided by local business, small sports games for prizes, and many raffles throughout; the night provided entertainment and incentive to spend money, all of which is to be donated to the Progeria Research Foundation on behalf of Team Zoey.


But the true draw of the event, and all the talk leading up to it, is seeing who will beat the competition and become the champion. And after last year’s faculty team victory, players were eager to take down the talented teachers and students to watch their defeat.


Of the nine other teams competing to dethrone the aptly named team Faculty Varsity, there was one able to undergo the feat. Team Roll Tide was one of two senior teams in the tournament, comprised of varsity volleyball players Karen Raum, Micaela Kennedy, Jamie Lynch, and Tara DeCorte; with the help of Alex and Nick LoPresti, Dominick Costanzo, and Spiro Derbaly.


After securing decisive wins throughout their side of the bracket, Roll Tide met with the previous champions who made their way to the final match for the second year in a row. Though their skill is undeniable, team Faculty Varsity was no match for Roll Tide as they served, set, and spiked ball after ball at them.


In the end, Roll Tide dethroned the former champions, taking home the first place trophy for the Orange Invitational Volleyball Tournament. Roll Tide’s Alex LoPresti ‘18 was promptly named MVP and shared a few words on receiving the prestigious title as well as what it took to overcome such an intimidating opponent.


“It feels incredible, it’s good to beat the faculty,” he spoke, “I know they were the big shots coming into this but we kept our heads and got the W.” LoPresti explained that he and his team drank a lot of fluids and came prepared to win. “I gave it my all, my team gave it everything they got — I’m excited.”


With another successful volleyball tournament in the books, it is clear the Cedar Grove High School has a long future of fierce competition, rivalry, and teamwork ahead of them with this unique and exciting event that only serves to grow bigger and better each year.

Dylan Giacobbe
Roll Tide wins the final match
Roll Tide fights for victory