February Student of the Month, Kathleen Sickinger


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Katie Sickinger

Congratulations to our Social Studies Student of the Month, Kathleen Sickinger ‘18!!! From her tremendous work ethic to her contributions outside of class, Sickinger has proven herself to be one of the most deserving students of the title. Starting off her 4 years in Cedar Grove High School, she has taken up Global Studies Honors freshman year, APUSH sophomore and junior year, and finally GOPO as a senior. “It’s rewarding and it’s nice to know that all the hard work has been recognized throughout the years,” states Sickinger.

Along with her work inside the realm that is Social Studies, Sickinger has an impressive list of extra curricular activities behind her. This year, adding the title of February SOTM, Katie Sickinger is also the captain of the soccer team, co-manager of the basketball team, President of the National Honor Society, and Vice President of the Interact club. I know, impressive right? Not only was she good at the subject, but it was something that truly fascinated her. “I’ve been interested in it for a long time,” Sickinger says, “and to have two teachers that are really good at it and care, I just really enjoyed it.”

After her departure from high school, Sickinger plans on going to college for secondary education-English. When asked by The Pride why she wishes to take this course, Sickinger replied, “Both of my parents are teachers, so I grew up around it. I really enjoyed it and I think it’s something I’d be really good at doing.”

All we can say from here is that we wish Sickinger the best for the future. With all that she has said, it is clear that she is confident that whatever happens, she will overcome anything. Congratulations again to our February Student of the Month, Katie Sickinger!