RJ is life?

Shakira Hashemisohi, senior reporter

Goodbye Esposito’s, Hello Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park!

Cedar Grove High School students have found a new workplace to take over. Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park had been undergoing renovations all summer until its opening in late December. Manager Rocky Ramponi had been hanging up flyers all over high schools across Essex County- his plan to hire a big group of high schools students definitely proved successful once Cedar Grove students caught wind of the desperate workplace

If you take a stroll down the hallway, you are bound to hear someone talking about Rockin’ Jump, and it seems as though the bright green uniforms are overtaking all our feeds on social media. If the hallways aren’t enough, you can definitely hear the inside scoop from Brianna Weling’s ‘18 daily vlogs. Even if you don’t work there you know all the stories, from pee in the elevators to drama with coworkers.

When asked what working with practically the entire town was like, Resham Jariwala ‘18 said, “It’s fun… especially when the job was new it was easier because you knew people there and they knew people.” She also remarked how it’s funny to see the same people inside and outside of school, and she’s surprised she hasn’t gotten sick of them yet. The craziest thing that has happened since she began working there was the infamous pee in the elevator story, “Two grown men peed in the elevator five minutes before we were closing,” she remembers. Overall the amount of students working at the same place might be comical but it’s safe to say they all pretty much enjoy their job.

From a visitors perspective, Rockin’ Jump has a fun, bright ambiance. No matter how old or young you are you can have a good time and you will most definitely be exhausted after your visit. If you can’t get enough of CGHS, visit the Rockin’ Jump website for more information on how you can see everyone for just a few more hours!


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