Hoop It Up


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Gina Grimes, Staff reporter

The Cedar Grove High School’s girls’ basketball team has grown over the years. It is one of the few girls teams in Cedar Grove with three different level teams. It has a freshman, junior varsity, and varsity team. Even though there are three different teams, every player that was interviewed stated that all three did things together and all supported each other, no matter what team they were on.

Molly Bauer ‘21 who plays for all three teams, had stated that after any win, “The whole team is extremely excited and proud of each other that they came together as a team to win the game.” She had also stated that even after a loss, the team feels, “that they could have won and that if they worked together more they could have won.”

Even though last year’s varsity team came home winning their division title, senior Karen Raum ‘18 had stated that she “does not think there is a lot of pressure,” mostly because Coach Scans “does a good job [disregarding] last year,” because he understands that “there is a new set of girls.” Raum also said that this year, “The main expectation of their team is to work together and have a winning record.”

From either having a game or practice almost everyday of the week, all of the players are always working hard. During practices all of the girls’ show an excessive amount of effort and treat every practice as if it were a game. They use their time at practices to make up plays that they can use during games. Practices also consist of working on all the skills that they feel they need help with to do better as a team, and end up with a win.

The most recent game that the girls’ varsity team had played, they had won with an overall score of 38-36, beating Mount Saint Dominic. Brittany Taylor ‘20 had scored a layup in the last minute of the game, followed by Ava Mandela ‘18 winning the game with a free throw. The last minute of the game was very exciting and nerve racking , with the student section cheering on all of the players up until the very last second.