Student of the Month: November


photo taken by Katrina Bonus'20

Katrina Bonus

And November’s student of the month goes to……….JOHN ARCETA!!!! When you think of the student of the month for science you think of someone intelligent, dedicated, and very much a science junky. John Arceta ‘18 depicts these traits perfectly and this title is a perfect one for him.

The idea of being able to apply it to the real world and discover new things fascinates Arceta. “I am really passionate about science and I plan on pursuing it in the future” says John. Through his time at Cedar Grove High School, John Arceta has taken Biology honors, Chemistry honors, and even all 4 AP science classes.For most people, taking 2 science classes junior and senior year, would be challenging challenging, but not for our student of the month. Being captivated by the subject and wanting to continue it beyond his time as a student, John finds it to be less work and more something you simply enjoy.

During college, Arceta plans to major in behavioral neuroscience and afterwards hopefully become a doctor for pre-med. The future looks bright for John and whatever happens in the future, the students and faculty of CGHS will surely be behind him. Congratulations again to our November student of the month for science, John Arceta!