HOW TO: Dress to the 9’s when the weather’s below 0

HOW TO: Dress to the 9's when the weather's below 0

Brianna Weling, senior colunmist

Fashion during the cold winter months remains pretty standard- anything warm will do. But what does one do when they want to dress up and avoid a slight case of hypothermia?

Unofficial style experts Kathleen Sickinger ‘18 and Ciara Guzman ‘18 have mastered the art of dressing to the 9’s when the weather’s below 0.

Sickinger’s go-to piece this winter is her chunky blanket scarf from American Eagle. Is it a scarf? Is it a blanket? It can be whatever you want, and it’s a guaranteed staple piece in any outfit- and a big plus? It’s not just a classy way to spice up a sweater, but the chunky blanket scarf will keep you especially warm with with it’s long length and extra room! There’s a million different ways to wear it, and this piece is the perfect excuse to stay wrapped up in a blanket all day, while remaining trendy at the same time.

Guzman’s #1 winter essential is cozy mockneck sweaters. Her favorite store to go to is Francesca’s Boutique in Wayne. Mocknecks and turtlenecks can be worn on pretty much anybody- they’re timeless and chic, and can be both dressed up with a pair of skinny jeans and black booties, or dressed down with leggings and Uggs. These sweaters are extremely flattering, versatile, and comfy, and they’re arguably one the best ways to stay warm and fashionable.

Layering in the wintertime is a given, but during this season specifically, flannels under sweaters with a vest on top introduces a preppier side to your wardrobe, which is really hot- no pun intended– in fashion at the moment. Duck boots of any brand are also extremely fashionable as of recently, and they also tie into the whole stereotypical “upper east-sider” look going around.

The last of fashion trends making a big hint this December aren’t exactly specific sweaters or scarves- they’re textures. Sherpa and Chenille are definitely making waves in the textile and clothing industry right now. Sherpa is not only adorable and cozy, but the faux sheepskin will give you the same look for more than half the cost, and you won’t have to worry about an animal paying the price at all either! Sherpa can be found anywhere right now; Kohl’s will sell you the popularized sherpa zip-ups for $20 or less.

Chenille, on the other hand, is extremely soft and warm- it’s most likely the material of your favorite warm, winter blanket- which is exactly what it feels like. American Eagle is possibly one of the best outlets selling chenille; their wide selection of sweaters offers multiple styles made of the respectable texture.

Overall, if you’re planning a trip to the city, or you’re prone to frequent chills, there are ways to look good and feel even better! Warmth and comfort will be your best friends when picking out clothing, and if you want to look like a million bucks without spending it, these warm winter trends are the best ways to do it!